Brexit,The Catalan Crisis and Shakespeare

Seemingly independent subjects have very much to do with each other.I hate talking about myself, so I am not willing to have even a Facebook or a Twitter account .I am only using Linkedin which is more professional. There I identify myself as an independent researcher and author.
Here comes the point.Despite my natural resentment to talking about personal matters,all this had to be mentioned to make clear why I want to renounce my Spanish citizenship and what it has got to do with the series of crises that rock Europe.
Europe's whole hypocritical, unjust system is in crisis.Representatives of the status quo defend their power and their overpaid high positions at EU institutions even if it means looking the other way when the armed forces of an authoritarian state ,like that of Spain ,beat up citizens who want to practice their right to vote and its so-called justice system creates political prisoners.
Who can seriously believe that the Spanish "justice"system is independent from politics when Catalan politicians were sent to  custody  just a few weeks after committing their alleged "crimes",while serious accusations of fraud ,misuse of funds and corruption against the ruling Popular Party have not been investigated for many years?
The Spanish "justice"system is famously very slow.Now,all of a sudden,they started to act with the speed of a rocket when they wanted to see Catalan politicians behind bars.
What happened to me  is a case study of how Spanish "justice"works .I lost my flat ,falling victim of  a fraud while I was by my mother's side who  later died of Alzheimer's disease.I owed money to a woman who presented fake papers claiming that she had the right to take away my flat like it happens in cases of mortgage.
It was nothing of the sort,the unsigned papers were fake, and the fraudster was helped by corrupted lawyers, as after many years of a slow bureaucratic process   the professional  association of lawyers in Valencia acknowledged.
But the Spanish system is not only slow,it is also  very flawed.To apply for a compensation ,my case had to be sent back to the same  smaller town where the corrupted lawyers lived and were well-connected.I never got my stolen flat back and never received any compensation.Since then I have been living in my caravan and in rented rooms.
But according to the European Court of Human Rights my rights were not violated.I didn't have money to pay for an expensive lawyer,so they threw out my case mainly because of the formal irregularities of the application.
It is also true that I wouldn't fight for long for anything merely personal because I had something more important on my mind: Shakespeare.
Those were the times when I realized that Shakespeare's so-called 'histories' were outrageously misinterpreted all around the English a speaking world.Holding a doctor's degree on dramaturgy of the University ELTE of Budapest,specialized on grotesque drama , I had  always admired Shakespeare's The tragedy of Richard iii as the first ever real grotesque drama of world literature .Consequently, I   knew that the protagonist of the play was never meant to portray Richard.It is a bitter parody of Tudor lies.
For several decades,after having married a Spaniard,living in an intellectually not inspiring environment in Spain,I thought that the basic characteristics of Shakespeare's oeuvre were better understood in the English speaking world.Before I started to use the internet around 2000,I had not known much about the research at the British,American or Australian universities.
In Spain I never had an opportunity.Their slow bureaucratic system did not render my qualifications valid for many years,they only wanted me to pay over and over again for translations and stamps and signatures of bureaucrats, so I gave it up.
I published articles and literary translations in my native Hungary,I was a correspondent of Radio Free Europe,i and in Spain  where I actually lived,I could give private lessons of English and self-publish some books  in limited editions to sell them locally.
All this seemed relatively acceptable until the time of Richard Iii's reinterment.But then I was shocked. I was horrified to realize  that in the UK practically everyone thinks that Shakespeare meant to portray Richard when he portrayed the grotesque protagonist of the famous play.The situation I was pushed into in Spain made it very difficult for me to do something about it.But I just had to do it for the sake of truth , justice,Richard and Shakespeare.
I was literally shocked to realize what the terrible bureaucracy of Spain made me do in reality: to waste my time giving lessons of Present Simple ,to work below the level of my skills and qualifications, while  an essential thing is"out of joint"and I could do something "to set it right".
I published a few articles about the subject,but looking at it more thoroughly,I recognized that the anti-Tudor and pro-Richard characteristics of Shakespeare's  whole oeuvre had never been researched.There are and in the past there were a few initiatives to set Shakespeare's interpretation right,but these initiatives have always been silenced by  those who are interested in maintaining the traditional misinterpretation alive.
The real ,the Ricardian Shakespeare is very unpleasant from the point of view of the British establishment and all those researchers who working for some institutions maintained by the establishment have spread the well-known lies and misinterpretations about the playwright. They do not want the truth to come to the surface.
It is easy for them to silence independent researchers like me,who struggle in very bad circumstances having no support from any organized institution.
Even for people who were born in Spain itself ,having qualifications of Spanish universities, it is very difficult to find a good job if they are not well-connected. This is why so many young Spaniards go to find a better life abroad ,among other places,in the UK.
One of the reasons of Brexit seems to have been the fact that the UK is flooded by foreigners who go there from countries where the situation is as bad as in Spain. EU leaders have been looking the other way for too long when they should have noticed that economic figures are not everything.If in an economically relatively strong member-state democratic values,equal chances for every citizen and even good education are hollow words,EU leaders don't seem to mind.
But this had to lead to  catastrophic consequences. We are on the verge of the catastrophe now with Brexit on the one hand and the Catalan crisis on the other hand.
It is again a cynical lie that the Catalan crisis is the result of some outdated nationalism. Why would Spanish nationalism deserve more respect than the Catalan one? Why don't some EU leaders notice that the Catalan crisis does not stem from some atavistic nationalistic feeling,but from complex historic and cultural differences between Spain and Catalonia, made worse by the terrible current state of affairs in Spain?
In the meantime my major concern is,of course,my subject,that of the misinterpreted, in reality Ricardian Shakespeare. Curiously,this subject teaches us very important lessons about the present crises in Europe too: how power manipulates the masses,how the masses even offer themselves to be manipulated and misguided,what it is like to live in a world  which is like the one described by Titania in Midsummer Night's Dream,a world in which everything is upside down.
But this summer,at the time of the performances of Shakespeare's misunderstood grotesque play by Richard's grave in Leicester, I realized that there are even Ricardians who want to keep the lies about Shakespeare alive. From those who read my book,Shakespeare Made Me Love Richard iii,I received very positive feedback.A nice reader suggested that my theory should be more generally publicised.Then people would understand that the play itself ,being a grotesque,almost absurd drama,honours Richard pointing to Henry Tudor's villainy,only the misinterpretation offends  both Richard and Shakespeare.
But how could people understand this,when there are some leaders even at the Richard III Society who block theories like mine? They rather insult Richard than recognize that their  previously published articles and books show that they misunderstood Shakespeare.
The same can be said about institutions like the Shakespeare Institution or media outlets like the BBC that was not willing to even mention the subject of the misinterpreted Shakespeare at the time of the playwright's anniversary in 2016.
This is not the way new scientific theories should be dealt with in supposedly open and free societies.Even if my theory were wrong--and I never claimed that every detail of it is right-- there should be willingness to discuss it.One of my readers has written to me that she is convinced that the lack of willingness to openly discuss it shows that I am basically right,so the representatives of the traditional nonsense are afraid of it.
My repressed  situation in Spain makes me a very weak opponent of those who have strong organizations and institutions behind them.
After all scientific research and development are the losers .Something is very wrong all around Europe,just like in Hamlet's Denmark. Which is another allegory of Tudor England clearly depicting that the theatre can reveal hidden truths.We must only be open to understand it.