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King Richard III must be recognized as the hero of all the ill-treated people and causes


According to the cruel laws of Nature,those people who are motivated by the sheer instinct of physical survival become stronger than those who observe higher ethical and spiritual considerations.

This is something we hate to admit,but the denial only makes things worse.

The result is the present devastated state of our planet.We are used to see each and every problem separately,not taking into consideration the well-known principle according to which everything is related to everything.

Selfish people stand by the strong victor,only thinking of their own physical welfare,even if they know that the victor is evil.

The same superficial selfishness is the reason why unscrupulous power  can easily brainwash the masses,and why unscrupulous business owners  can destroy Nature and torture innocent creatures.Only a small minority  of people recognizes the lies and fights against the cruelty and the injustice.

This is what has happened to King Richard and his memory.

After the tragical Battle of Bosworth too many people jumped on the bandwagon of victorious Tudor.King Richard seemed to have sacrificed his young life only to expose his name and his memory to the worst campaign of slanders ever.

But almost by a  miracle,there were some brave people whose only aim was not to secure their own welfare .There was resistance,and there were uprisings against Tudor power.More importantly for us,there were great writers who in satiric works expressed  their unhappiness about the Tudor regime.

The way their works were misinterpreted shows how successful an unscrupulous propaganda machinery can be.

If there is no historic justice,there can be no justice in the present either.And the obstacles in the way of historic justice are enormous.

Ricardians happily focus on the minor details of King Richard's life,doing precisely what power wants them to do.This way they miss the essential,tricky question of the real nature of the whole  British establishment.

Everybody is discussing the problem of the fate of Richard's nephews,while it is far from being the most important issue.It is a phoney one to distract our attention from the basic  questions.History is full of similar unsolved 'mysteries' that only a few historians are interested in.

Even supposing the highly unlikely case that Richard had to do with the early deaths of his nephews,it could have been a similar situation to the one in which modern politicians can give the order to shoot down a passenger airplane because of the danger of an imminent terrorist attack. 

The  basic questions  in connection with Richard are those that have to do with the nature of Henry Tudor's invasion.Could it be justified at least partially,or was it  simply mean treason and crime?

The generations that were near in time ,that came shortly after the Battle of Bosworth,seem to have been convinced about the latter.But to serve the establishment, the works of those great writers who portrayed this conviction, were misinterpreted. I have much more to say about this on the pages dedicated to King Richard and Shakespeare .

Most people are unable to think freely and independently. If they are told that a grotesque outcry against Henry Tudor is a realistic play portraying Richard III,they believe it.

We are all easily misled about everything we are not experts of. As far as Shakespeare's grotesque drama,the first ever grotesque drama of world literature, The tragedy of Richard III is concerned, those are to blame who claim to be experts of drama,grotesque art,literature and Shakespeare's oeuvre itself .

Some of them, wanting to serve power, started the cynical misinterpretation,others,despite their supposed and claimed knowledge of the related subjects, just repeated it without thinking.

The public has been outrageously misled about this subject,though it is extremely important.Much more important than even most Ricardians realize,because it has to do with the most basic questions of power,the way it manipulates us,the influence of great art and literature and its right or wrong interpretation.

Not only King Richard has been maligned,but also the great writers who portrayed the truth about him.

If Shakespeare had meant his grotesque drama to be a realistic one portraying Richard himself,he would have been a coward and a stupid, bad playwright. Perhaps the worst well-known playwright ever.

In my book I explain what it would be like if a  modern grotesque drama,dramaturgically similar to Shakespeare's play,were taken for a realistic one.

It is very interesting to notice that we have been outrageously misled about EVERYTHING in connection with Richard III.

His extremely tragical life and earthly afterlife makes him the hero of all the ill-treated causes,oppressed minorities and people representing suffering creatures.

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